Repairing a Phenom 300 with a cut tyre

Repairing a Phenom 300 with a cut tyre

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An Operator asked us to attend a Phenom 300 that was grounded with a suspected cut tyre at London’s Farnborough Airport, 50 miles from our hangar. The aircraft arrived late at night and needed to leave again early the next morning, so we only had a small window of time in which to complete the repair and get it back in service.


Our expert team quickly sourced the necessary replacement parts and sent the client a quote for approval. The aircraft was due to arrive at Farnborough late on Saturday night, so we rearranged the engineers’ shifts to ensure someone was available to complete the work early on Sunday morning outside of their usual working hours. When the client’s flight schedule was pushed back by 24 hours, we swiftly adapted again so that the job could still go ahead. On the Monday morning, our experienced engineer collected the parts and completed the repair earlier than needed.


Rapid Response: We went above and beyond to accommodate the client’s changing schedule and carry out the work within a limited timeframe.

Unrivalled Expertise: Our engineer’s expert knowledge allowed us to fulfil this urgent brief as quickly as possible – we even exceeded the client’s expectations by finishing the job early.

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