Aircraft Sales

Interflight Technical Services will navigate you through the complexities of your Aircraft purchase, ensuring the aircraft is the right aircraft for your needs.  We offer a discreet service and are also able to put you in touch with new, pre-owned and off market aircraft. We can also offer a range of Shared Ownership Solutions with other customers that we feel are compatible with your requirements.

Whether you are Buying or Selling we can guide you through the process.

We are able to provide our Full Aircraft Sales Service, from the finding the aircraft to completion.

Services listed below are also available individually

  • Analyse your selection criteria including potential for Shared Ownership Solutions.
  • Negotiate the Sale/Purchase on your behalf.
  • Issue LOI (Letter of Intent) to APA (Aircraft Purchase Agreement).
  • Carry out a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI).
  • Apply for Export Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA).
  • Apply for Change of Registration.
  • Apply for Aircraft Transfer of Ownership.
  • We can arrange Insurance Cover and Third-Party Insurance on your behalf.
  • Provide Type Rated, Experienced Operational Flight Crew.
  • Operation Support, Fuel and Ground Handling.


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