ADS-B out & CPDLC until 2020

By 2020, all aircraft operating in Europe and the US will be required to transmit ADS-B positioning information in compliance with DO-260B. The deadline is December 31st 2019 for US airspace and June 6th 2020 for European. Although the deadline is still some time away, we highly recommend that operators act now to ensure your aircraft is updated in time and to benefit from the more direct routings, more efficient route changes, and fuel savings.

We are experienced in all major Avionics OEM’s (Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Universal and Garmin) and we can offer a discounted labour rate for ADS-B installation that could be extended to any other scheduled maintenance that may also be performed during the upgrades.

Contact us to discuss your needs and timelines for this vital upgrade.

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