E-check for a Hawker 1000

E-check for a Hawker 1000


In May 2021, an operator’s CAMO asked us to carry out an E-check and re-inspect a previous wing repair on a Hawker 1000 – one of only eight registered in Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition to sourcing specialist engineers and hard-to-find spare parts for the rare aircraft, our team also had to fix an unprecedented defect that caused an overheating warning in the rear equipment bay en route to our hangar. We worked tirelessly to carry out each complex task and get the aircraft back in the air as quickly as possible.


We dismantled the structural wing repair and brought in a specialist to perform a non-destructive inspection for cracks using an ultrasonic probe, contacting the plane’s manufacturer when we couldn’t find a spare part before ordering and installing their recommended alternative. When encountering similar supply issues whilst repairing the leaking ductwork that had caused the aircraft to overheat, our experts minimised further delays by quickly requesting an alternative part from Textron.


The Extra Mile: Our specialist engineers fully briefed the Hawker’s concerned crew on the cause of the inbound overheating warnings and how we had repaired the leaking ductwork, ensuring they felt confident that aircraft was safe to fly.

Unrivalled Service: Despite unavoidable delays whilst we brought in specialists and sourced replacement parts, the client was extremely pleased with our thorough service.

A Hawker 1000 in our Biggin Hill hangar ready for its inspection
A Hawker 1000 in our Biggin Hill hangar ready for its inspection


Interflight team working on a Hawker 1000 E-check


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