ADS-B installation for Hawker 850XP

ADS-B installation for Hawker 850XP


Following on from a successful base maintenance input the previous year, Interflight were contacted by the CAMO of a Hawker 850XP to ascertain if a tailor-made STC could be produced for their aircraft.


The installation required the Interflight team to select and partner with both a 21J approved design house, and a parts provider, to source the necessary upgraded equipment.

Once this was organised, Interflight worked closely with the designers to ensure the modification package met both the customer and regulatory specifications.

All this had to be in place and installed within 12 weeks of conception. The pressure was on for the team to make sure the aircraft was ready in time.

The engineers at Interflight managed to perform the first of type installation, including the rigorous test schedule, within the tight timeframe.

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